The concept was identifying  unknown cities in Qatar and Australia and creating the main icon that is known for these cities.


My vision was placing all these main icons onto one postcards so it was like a collage, and i added a scrambled up paper as the sky to give more texture and 3D effects to the illustrations. But it was too forced and theres was a lot of things going on that it didn’t work, so decided to separate each icon on its own postcard.


Along the way i found it interesting to have only the outlines of the illustration and with some parts coloured in, then i came up with the idea of having to target audience adults and children, so postcards fully coloured and designed for adults  and the outlined of the icons for children to colour in.


I designed the hole layout of how it would be so no borders and simple layout for the writing on back with my name and website.


Laying out everything measuring all the spaces between the illustrations to make it into a poster.


The process of printing was quite simple but because there was a waiting list it took a lot of waiting to do. but it turned out better then i thought and the colours were perfect on the mat paper. As an overall i really enjoyed this project, i am now a pro at drawing landscapes and copying images. The process of designing was a lot when i thought it would be simple and easy but it really wasn’t there was always little changes to make and how some techniques worked and some did not.



After researching about the 3 countries i decided to combine Qatar and Australia for my final project. I live an hour away from Doha, in Al Khor which is  a small city that is recently expanding and improving. I have always had this problem when someone asks me where I live I would say Al Khor but no one seems to know where it is? So thats why i decided to create postcards based on the unknown or unpopular cities in Qatar and Australia. For inspiration these post alphabetical postcards have grabbed my interest. I like how the artists uses perspective and the way its structured the technique of simple shapes and lines to identify what the image is.


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Al Khor

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-8-58-33-am screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-8-58-49-am

i googled cities in doha and i realised that its starts of with the most popular cities to the least known cities, and some cities don’t even have an image which proves how unknown they are.

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-8-59-14-am screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-8-59-59-am



So ofcrures i started with AlKhor featuring the main and unique icons of the city. i used snapchat location filters to help me simplify my drawings.




We chose three countries that we have never been to including one from Africa to research about based on 34 questions so really investigating each country in depth history, exotic animals, food, culture, population etc. . .








Interesting facts about Australia:

  • The 6th largest country in the world
  • Most of Australia’s  exotic florals and fauna cannot be found anywhere else in the world!
  • the only nation continent of 20 million people in the world.
  • over 200 languages are spoken, the most common non-english are Italian and Greek.
  • it has the world 3rd largest ocean territory.





During this assignment we looked at what is an image? it could be PIXELS, VISUALS, PHOTOS and a REPRESENTATION OF WORDS. we then came up with 6 important categories of images.

  4. TYPE
  6. MEMES

and gave each category sub categories and explored each of them closely. My group and I investigated PHOTOGRAPHY which I thought was only landscapes and portraits but it turns out it has 13 subcategories that define photography and we explored each of them in depth and presented them to the class. Like they say an image can tell a 1000 words and this project had defiantly proved that to me. An image is not just an image it can be poetic, persuasive, pragmatic, have a concept, an index , icon, and a symbol. To make an image interesting you have to think about all these things which really helped me understand what an image really is.







Quality: Super imposed

Content: Denotative, the direct message of the image is youthful and playful of how the shapes are displayed in a palette of highlighter hues and appear to be moving through one’s body. They are shown in perspective and appear three-dimensional.

Message: Connotative, the conceptual and optical illusion that brings together multiple subjects through geometric shapes that appear to pierce through their bodies and clothing.




Location, ERA, Value: By the look of the scene and the way the figures are dressed is more likely to be located in America, the idea of the design is very modern due to the bright vibrant colors and the playful edits. The target audience is mostly young adults. The image was mostly and experiment of mixing geometric shapes and connecting it to real life moments.


Quality: Abstract

Content: extreme close up of water drop on a colorful feather and glitter.

Meaning: there is no direct message other than expressing ones interest in organic photography. Showing interest in the tiniest things that we don’t give any attention to.

Persuasive: 0%

Poetic: 100%

Pragmatic: 0%

Location: Internet

ERA: 21st centaury

Value: creating visual interest to the viewer.




Quality: Geometric

Content: a black and white mathematical digital drawing of a deer

Meaning: the change of medium in art and introducing technology using basic lines to form a drawing.

Persuasive: 0%

Poetic: 100%

Pragmatic: 0%

Location: international audience

ERA: 21st centaury

Value: introducing different possibilities to create a simple image.



Quality: 8-bit

Content: vibrant colors, busy city flag of the UK

Meaning: scene of a video game, many things are happening at once.

Persuasive: 0%

Poetic: 100%

Pragmatic: 0%

Location: young adults, online game.

ERA: 21st centaury

Value: the creation of real life events in a video game.

Types as image





Quality: calligraphy

Content: ink on paper

Meaning: motivation words written in an interesting way to bring the viewers attention.

Persuasive: 60%

Poetic: 100%

Pragmatic: 0%

Location: Internet

ERA: 21st centaury

Value: to motivate people




Quality: found type

Content: American style, existing interior that forms a letter.

Meaning: turning real life objects into type form to create a word.

Persuasive: 10%

Poetic: 30%

Pragmatic: 60%

Location: interior

ERA: 21st centaury

Value: to convey a message using interior to grab more of the customers attention.




Quality: logo

Content: black and white text and icon.

Meaning: a popular sports company. The three columns increasing in size meaning a mountain, which connects to the theme of the company, sports.

Persuasive: 40%

Poetic: 10%

Pragmatic: 50%

Location: public

ERA: 21st centaury

Value: the use of simple symbols for the company to be recognized easily.




Quality: emoji

Content: facial expression limited colours.

Meaning: to show a facial expression through digital text.

Persuasive: 30%

Poetic: 10%

Pragmatic: 60%

Location: smart phones

ERA: 21st centaury

Value: how young adults express them selves through text messaging.




Quality: repetition

Content: repeated zigzag lines in variation of color.

Meaning: a design used for wallpaper.

Persuasive: 0%

Poetic: 100%

Pragmatic: 0%

Location: Internet

ERA: 21st centaury

Value: to use to decorate digital objects, screen saver.



Quality: floral pattern

Content: dark blue background with repeated pink flowers.

Meaning: to give a nature and calm feeling to the viwer.

Persuasive: 0%

Poetic: 100%

Pragmatic: 0%

Location: public

ERA: 21st centaury

Value: to be used in many ways, wrapping paper digital designing and wallpaper.