Coming up with ideas! 

I believe the hardest part is the beginning of any project, coming up with a great idea and sticking with it, well for me its frustrating. For the video I thought of several things I’m really interested un filming and creating short videos, so what better idea then continuing my series of brain obsession ! My class mates have been making motivation and inspiration pills posters around GDES department and it inspired me to use the idea of flavouring the brain with these NEEDED elements of Motivation, Inspiration, Creativity and Patience.


Casey Neistat is one of my favourite artist, he is known for making short films and i love his work. I tried to use he’s techniques in my video.He has a great eye for taking different angles of one scene.


Ahmed Sharif, is Bahraini comedian who creates short funny scenes on Instagram. He’s different angles and focus on details are really interesting and the way used the sound of the mundane objects to create interesting sound is amazing.



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