Flavouring the BRAIN !

To make my life easier I first planned my shots and angles so that when i start filming i know what I’m doing and not waste time However it still took 4 hours to finish filming because while i was filming i came up with different ideas.


So here I’ve set up to cameras I thought it would be helpful to have one camera in one angle filming the hole thing then the one on the tripod i would keep changing angles in different scenes of the video. I found it more interesting when editing to have more then one angle it made it more interesting to edit even then just have one angle through the hole thing. for sound i was thinking using the squishy sound of the brain.


I realised that just having the main elements that will be used in each shot much better then laying everything out in the shot so that the focus is only on the brain and the brain only!



I enjoyed this project a lot but it was only frustrating when there wasn’t enough time to film but  this taught me to plan ahead better for the next time i film anything!


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