For this experiment I printed close up of the brain then put it back in the printer and printed on top of it the repeated type of BRAINS then printed on tracing paper and glued it on top and realised the reacted type wasn’t as clear as i wanted it to be so i soaked it with water then gave this really nice effect that i am now using for my cover.

I tried to focus on the idea of layers so i came up with this idea of using tracing paper to represent a hospital file to introduce my main feature. I found it more interesting when a page had a little of everything collage, type and a hand drawing and the bandage and nice detail to the page and when it was scared and printed it looked even better which go me excited on the final outcome.


If the zine was only made on indesign I don’t think it would have turned out this good. Just the process of making by hand was fun for me because I enjoy working in that way the feeling of having control over it, I felt i got a chance to express a personal part of me and enjoyed every part of it.



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