I got feed back from Noor B, Nimra and Hind

Noor B.

  • Suggested that the cover should be a close up of the brain to be more appealing.
  • For all images to cut the outline of the brains without the content.
  • change type wasn’t working
  • Add medical elements like bandage
  • for the background of the text have a wash of blood but not full opacity
  • have one spread full of  brains in all sizes


  • Medical mask and medical related elements
  • More large images of brain texture as background
  • no white text box
  • print text on transparent paper
  • artist Damien Hirst
  • Scan bandage on brain


  • Pixaltd images suggested to try scan them
  • suggested my portrait be me holding a brain
  • typography to be similar to the text i scared of the book
  • Its fun not too serious enough variety
  • legibility readable
  • small images then large
  • credits needed


I found there feedback useful and gave me a lot of new ideas on what to do next for my zine.


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