It was frustrating at first because I wasn’t sure what i was doing and how its supposed be i wasn’t sure if it was right or wrong, but once i started cutting and sticking it made more sense and gave me ideas on how to approach my brains. I had the idea of spreads to be in a gradient of the brains colours palette so starts with a light pink then in the centre its more bloody plus it where I’ve placed my main article. The idea of the pages fading in and out. My main issue was type i was using too many and they weren’t visually appealing so i was suggested to break it upon the pages.

The other issue was how do i show myself, i had a couple of ideas but were time consuming, first one since I’m really interested in 3D modelling i was going to 3D model myself with my brain sticking out. Another idea was drawing one side of my face and the other side would be the anatomy of my face with my brain showing. But then i was suggested to just have me playing the video game that got me into brains in the first place.




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