This video helped me understand that a fanzine dose not have to be neat and set up properly as long as it expresses the topic of interest clearly.

A simplified idea of using one a3 to make a 8 page fanzine.


I found this blog quite useful to understand what fanzine is exactly and why fanzines are made.


My 3 ideas;

  1. Collecting peoples Weird Obsessions, I wanted to express my own and other peoples weird obsessions. Recently I’ve been obsessed over brains, I’ve been collecting art work and images and started sketchbook full of brains sketches.
  2. Expressing my cats uniqueness. Once I brought in my cat to the studio, and everyone was saying that my cat was not normal, that he has a personality then I realised how he truly does.
  3. Photographing peoples everyday object.

My final decision is the first one. Im interested in expressing my own obsession and others. My next step is to start researching my surroundings weird obsessions!


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