Kinetic Typography

Process; 03

Building up type,, at first i was playing with what i can do on after effects but it so frustrating to work with for one simple effect takes a several steps to accomplish. Fort this project needed much patients which i did not have. Whats interesting about my audio is my main character accelerates from being calm to talking in high tone of voice and its such a powerful scene, I get goose bumps every time i hear it. so my main focus was to concentrate more on the type and how it laid on the screen i didn’t want to have many effects i felt it didn’t suit my audio.

Another thing I was recommended that i set my type of a court room having each characters type in the layout of a courtroom as if we are living it but it doesn’t really work because its mainly 1 person doing all that talking so i tried to include that lay out when all four characters were speaking in the scene.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 11.24.30 AM.png

The audio was too formal to have any sort of animation, so I made sure that the layout and type size would convey my audio. So I made a system where the main characters type would be in the centre and the rest would be on either side of the screen to portray the layout of a real court room.

Making the type appear right when the sound appears was sort of hard it either came before the person says it or after. So i was recommended to put the audio in adobe audition  and look at the sound waves of the file and know exactly when the person says the word.




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