When i tiled my posters I knew something was wrong something wasn’t right for one the fangs weren’t working even though I really tried to make it work. I could have played with the title more because it was the first project and just the word posters make me really nervous I just really dislike doing them.

The problems i faced with printing is the color black, because i photoshopped the  images then placed them in illustrator then indesign when it printed it prints a box behind the illustration for some reason i tried exporting the hole file from photoshop  it did remove the box but then the colours became pale, so I had to export it as RGB instead which made the colours for some reason appear so much better. When I added the credit i feel it made it visually look more complete and more like a movie poster.

i really struggled and I’m not really happy with the outcome because i know i could do better. hopefully this will push me more into doing a even better job on the second project to prove myself i could do better.














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