Visual Narrtative

Post 02 | Process

Creating the poster was a bit tricky because I didn’t want it to just be vector base, but then if i used photographs they would be screenshot which won’t look good when its in a large scale and pixelated. I was recommended to vectorise the scenes that I screen shot, I tried manipulating the image on photoshop to add filters and make it less pixelated and more intentional, but no luck.

The target audience of these series is for people who are seeing the movie for the first time. For those who are also interested in horror movies. The tag line is a line will smith said in the movie.


posters -03

Another issues was distinguishing PPP, its kind of difficult to define each one and make it cohesive so, I did that with the layout of type, but turned out it doesn’t work that way. After the feedback I received it was more clear to me of how to use the visuals with the type. The movie has a very limited elements to include visually, therefore i was recommended to play with type and add fangs to it, since i use the original type of the movie poster. Since the image is low quietly i had to illustrate the the images, so i simplified an illustration of the city with will smith and the dogs silhouette as my pragmatic poster which looks visually better.
















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