Visual Narrative

Week 01:

Project one Movie posters. I chose to create movie posters for I Am Legend  because when

I researched their wasn’t as many posters made for the movie like the other two below so I took it as a challenge since the movie dose not have that much elements. Its basically just Will Smith, the dog and the mutants.


Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 8.38.06 AM

The Outline:

I found that their is two endings to the movie one is where the hero dies and there is a cure and the second is where the mutants take the cure and the hero survives. I research to why this is, and found out that they wanted to create a sequel to the movie but never made it happen.

ACT 01: Introduction

Will Smith out in the streets hunting on dears and sends out radio looking for other survivors. Showing how lonely he is has set mannequins as way to still have a human interaction.


He set a trap for a mutant to experiment on, However the mutant mate create the same him and in the process his dog gets killed. He seeks revenge from the mutants on killing his dog therefore he tries to kill them. Another surviver finds him almost getting killed and rescues him.

ACT 03:

The women and child that are survivors enter will smith home for security however they found them selfs being haunted by the mutants. The mutants invade the home to get his female mutant that is in the lab. In that very moment did Will Smith realise he has made the cure to safe the kid and mother he gives her the cure and kills himself in the process.