Aligning the text with My word made the text visual so much better to look at, it looks more intentional and thought out. Really looking at text as form as visual image instead of reading it. which helped a lot with understanding what type really is and how it is used the right way. Type, made me see text differently made me think about how i place it and how i set it up the way that is more pleasing to look. I feel i have more control over text that i thought i would ever be i never thought that all these years I was reading text the wrong way, and that text needs to be kerned and tracked and aligned so that it looks more pleasing. Now that I understood what Type really is its become annoying to me to look at other public signs and logos.



Ive learned that the type size, typeface, weight, direction are the main key to help aid communication and differentiate the denotative and connotative of type. Now I’ve understood why they made us print 100 pages of words and 50 pages of different typefaces and pt of the typeface, practice made me not only understand what works better then what but also made me work faster and now I have the knowledge of how things work best with what and what i should and should not do with text.



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