The poster…

Putting everything together i believe is the easiest part of the hole project, because everything was perfectly aligned and tracked i just had to put everything together to complete the master piece. I believe working step by step really helped and really made us understand how its done, it wasn’t just text on a page it was placed with thought with the intention of it all connecting to one another. Basically my research was looking back at what I’ve done previously, the sentence the paragraph the logo. When placing everything together I’ve put my best two paragraph, sentence and logo and tried every possibility to see what works best with what, having different font size and different compositions seeing where text would suit on my poster best. I didn’t have much space on my poster to place text because it was too busy of colours my Word took over most of the poster so i had limited options of placing the text. However, i had a problem where i placed text infant of the Quran which was a risk, because others might be offended by it even though i personally don’t think it is because the text talks about happens and nothing offensive. I could’ve placed the text on top of it, i didn’t see that it was a problem but i didn’t want to take that road where people criticise my work and see it offensive and wrong doing.





The placement of the logo i tried to make it part of the poster instead of putting it aside like it has nothing to with the poster. I tried to squeeze it through the holes of the letters but that just makes it look the cheesy like its something that people would think would be clever of us but its not really. So i placed it diagonally aligned with the Quran which looked more part of the poster. I faced difficulties with the background because there are so many colours and its too busy so when applying text its gets lost with the colours, so i placed a box around behind it so that it would stand out.


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