Spirited away…

The group project…

It  took a bundle of energy to convince the hole group on an idea, its really tough to work with other designers that have a different vision of how the final outcome would look like everyone believes there idea is the best. how we resolved this issue is by listening to everyones ideas then try to combine them together so in the end everyone is happy. We decided on many ideas but they kept changing along the way because we kept having new ideas better ways to creating  it in a different way. at first we wanted to create a maze, trying to create a lost atmosphere but then when we saw the space that we chose it wasn’t enough space and it would take a lot of time to build, so we ended up with creating a piece of the maze so its more  of a path then a maze.


Along the way of painting the walls white we had an issue,…




Painting the walls of our path with paint was a bad a idea because when it dried it curved and we searched of ways to straighten it out by ironing it and applying weight on the back but still didn’t work and was time consuming. to resolve the situation and with the time we had we decided to cover the cardboard with paper so its lighter and less time consuming.





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