My intention of the paragraph in the beginning is now totally different, it is because i have experienced i have viewed what looks pleasing to the eye and what doesn’t. I discovered a system that helped me layout my text on the page. Its like baking a cake you need the exact amount of ingridents to end up with a perfect a cake. I found it easy for me to measure the the space between the text and edge of the page, which really made a difference when looking at the page. I thought it looked beautiful because it wasn’t placed randomly and it shows that there was thought put into it, there was an intention. i found playing with the sentence much easier then the paragraph, but after really understanding how to do it and what works with what it helped create what i did. i found that tracking and kerning my paragraph really makes a difference on how the hole layout looks like and how just adjusting the right amount can make the hole paragraph look so beautiful on the page. I’m actually thinking of framing my final one in my room.





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