Saying No!

When creating signs the first thing that came up to mind was traffic signs so when ever we were designing it we would referenceing  to traffic signs of it being flat. So these are a couple of different styles of a No flirting sign. Saying no without using the red sign made my design more interesting because at first i was thinking of placing a male and female then a red line across the hole thing. But when we were restricted of not using it, it made me think deeper of ways of saying no and it just made it more interesting to just to look at but as well as when designing it, its just historical.


In Doha (especially) flirting is a common thing, to harass girls by simply just throwing words at her when they pass by, so this idea made me want to create awareness that not everyone is interested in your words or number. So my target audience are male Qatari well it happens everywhere in the middle east but for now I’m aiming at Qatar  from the age of 20 and 35. This sign would be placed in malls and popular restaurants  such as in katara and the pearl of Qatar.



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