The concept was identifying  unknown cities in Qatar and Australia and creating the main icon that is known for these cities.


My vision was placing all these main icons onto one postcards so it was like a collage, and i added a scrambled up paper as the sky to give more texture and 3D effects to the illustrations. But it was too forced and theres was a lot of things going on that it didn’t work, so decided to separate each icon on its own postcard.


Along the way i found it interesting to have only the outlines of the illustration and with some parts coloured in, then i came up with the idea of having to target audience adults and children, so postcards fully coloured and designed for adults  and the outlined of the icons for children to colour in.


I designed the hole layout of how it would be so no borders and simple layout for the writing on back with my name and website.


Laying out everything measuring all the spaces between the illustrations to make it into a poster.


The process of printing was quite simple but because there was a waiting list it took a lot of waiting to do. but it turned out better then i thought and the colours were perfect on the mat paper. As an overall i really enjoyed this project, i am now a pro at drawing landscapes and copying images. The process of designing was a lot when i thought it would be simple and easy but it really wasn’t there was always little changes to make and how some techniques worked and some did not.


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