The three ideas i had of what “Dismal in arabic” cheerful means to me. I came up with 3 different possibilities of how i could manipulate this word. So for the first idea I really wanted to make something meaningful so i thought i would use a a prayer rug as my context and the prayer shall that we cover with to rap the word with.So when we muslims feel depressed and unhappy we pray or read Quran in a way to make us feel much better.

For the second idea i wanted to something related to nature, i plan was to carve a tree branch, but i felt bad about doing that because we are already killing to many tress. so after an hour begging my brother to take me to the beach i had this idea of cutting out a template of the typeface then pushing it into the sand to have a clear outline of the word. i didn’t think it would work at first but after several experiments these are what worked best.


Here i used the the stencil of the word that I’ve cut out, where the sand is rising up to show more of a 3D effect of the word.



Then i tried to use the actually cut out word and pushed it through the sand and used the lid of a water bottle which was the exact size of the typeface dots.



I was really pleased with the outcome of this idea, but i didn’t feel it had much meaning to it like the first idea.


For the final experiment i used this metaphor, ‘Do what you love’ so i thought i would use paint tube to show my love to painting. the typeface was the right size to use because in some parts of it fitted the letter exactly so used that in my advantage to create the word.


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