“My personal object brings a bundle of joy to me; it’s my first lunch bag to grade one that my father bought me. I remember that I did not let my father leave me and made him stay with me the whole day because I was too nerves and shy. The bag has a secret department at the bottom, which made me feel like the cool kid with a cool bag. I used to make a huge fuss with my mother about what she should put in my lunch bag, I would always tell her to add more sweets so I could share with my friends in class. The object become more meaningful when it started to be used by my sisters after me, it became a shared object between us. The lunch bag is small made of denim with a rainbow strap. The front face of the bag had a colorful stitched drawing of a female cat with whickers. The bag is still in good shape and is usable therefore I hoping to keep safe for my child one day.”


For this project at the beginning we were not told what we were going to end up with as an outcome and just focus on the process to avoid any overthinking and brain burn outs. At first we were told to bring an object that has a great deal of history to it, we then shared the object with class and were told to  write about what the object is and how to feels and looks likes, which helped a lot with table of Divergence!


This is what my class mates described my object in their perspective with no clue what the story behind and who it belongs to.


Starting the chart at first I did not understand what to write for you, us, and them. This is were i really struggled and started to dislike the project.


first 20 images using different media, for my first 20 i used mostly illustrator and photographs, when really we need a variety of media so after the first critique we were pushed to use other media then what we used the first 20. As it was the first critique it was very helpful and helped me understand what it is that is wanted from me to create, and made the rest of the process less stressful and became more confident in what I was creating.


It was really frustrating to create my keywords and meaning into images, I had to really think about it and create it in a way that what the word really means to me. For this two nots its means how the lunch bag was shared by me and my siblings so i created two nots in red string to show that blood related idea.


All of the experiments i created for some, some don’t really visually connect with the bag but more with the story of the bag. After the final bunch of experiments we were finally told what the out come was going to be and it was a poster! at first i thought how on earth are these images going to combine into a poster its going to be more of a collage then a poster, i was un sure and not happy that its going to be a poster!


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