Figure ground

When I was first introduced to the project I thought this is going to be easy and quick but really ended up so much more than it is. I wasn’t looking at letters anymore; I was exploring the way a letter could differ in a number of typefaces even though they look so similar but so different in many ways! When i started i typed out all the typefaces that was given and really tried to look at the letter as a shape then reading it.


These were the first experiments we did. It was difficult to really think about how manage black and white letter and think about 50/50% of the letter all at once. But the critiques really helped in understanding where we all went wrong. once we understood the problem we tried to solved it.


I found it help full to have all the typefaces in front of me to see what letters could go with what, it was like a puzzle you had to look for the missing piece for to complete the other half!

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-8-57-05-am screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-8-56-50-am


These were the first once I’ve made. I depended on the background to fill in the white or black space but that wasn’t  the case we had to use the letters themselves to cover up most of the spaces which i really struggled in. mostly the arabic letters because there mostly light which don’t cover much of the 10×10 space i had to enlarge it as big as i can but to put in mind that i could still tell what the letter is.




And FINALLY! the final 9, I really enjoyed this project it helped me understand to look instead of read the letters. i feel that some are working better then others and could have been better. another thing that helped me through the process was printing them which helped in seeing the smallest mistakes that couldn’t be seen on screen. but as an overall i believe iv done well for a beginning.









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