Visual Narrative

Kinetic Typography

Storyboard to After effects

Im using four typefaces for each character in the scene, for the main character Aviner, Second lawyer Birtch STD, Judge Impact, and for the witness DIN Condensed Bold. I chose avnier for the main character because it had several families to it which helps the reflect the character because in the begging she’s just asking question normally but then near the end is where it get intense so that the type transforms from roman to black. For the first question she asks the witness i wanted to animate it the same way as the intro of the show where the have “HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER” move across the screen. For the second effect, after she asks the first question theres a long pause after she says Murdered I made the type fade until the witness responses.


Visual Narrative

Project Two

Kinetic Typography

I chose How to Get Away with Murder season Season 1 episode 6, because in the scene the chose it shows the main characters strong personality and its iconic scene from the show which i believe will be interesting to turn into visuals.

In the scene theres only 4 people talking, so i was recommended to have four different typefaces for my main character i chose Aviner because it has multiple families within the typefaces. My colour palate is white, red, and navy blue. I chose blue because its formal and gives a powerful statement which reflects the show.

I am kind of nervous of staring on After Effects because I haven’t used since sophomore year but after a couple of tutorials i will get the hang of it.










When i tiled my posters I knew something was wrong something wasn’t right for one the fangs weren’t working even though I really tried to make it work. I could have played with the title more because it was the first project and just the word posters make me really nervous I just really dislike doing them.

The problems i faced with printing is the color black, because i photoshopped the  images then placed them in illustrator then indesign when it printed it prints a box behind the illustration for some reason i tried exporting the hole file from photoshop  it did remove the box but then the colours became pale, so I had to export it as RGB instead which made the colours for some reason appear so much better. When I added the credit i feel it made it visually look more complete and more like a movie poster.

i really struggled and I’m not really happy with the outcome because i know i could do better. hopefully this will push me more into doing a even better job on the second project to prove myself i could do better.













Visual Narrtative

Post 02 | Process

Creating the poster was a bit tricky because I didn’t want it to just be vector base, but then if i used photographs they would be screenshot which won’t look good when its in a large scale and pixelated. I was recommended to vectorise the scenes that I screen shot, I tried manipulating the image on photoshop to add filters and make it less pixelated and more intentional, but no luck.

The target audience of these series is for people who are seeing the movie for the first time. For those who are also interested in horror movies. The tag line is a line will smith said in the movie.


posters -03

Another issues was distinguishing PPP, its kind of difficult to define each one and make it cohesive so, I did that with the layout of type, but turned out it doesn’t work that way. After the feedback I received it was more clear to me of how to use the visuals with the type. The movie has a very limited elements to include visually, therefore i was recommended to play with type and add fangs to it, since i use the original type of the movie poster. Since the image is low quietly i had to illustrate the the images, so i simplified an illustration of the city with will smith and the dogs silhouette as my pragmatic poster which looks visually better.















Visual Narrative

Week 01:

Project one Movie posters. I chose to create movie posters for I Am Legend  because when

I researched their wasn’t as many posters made for the movie like the other two below so I took it as a challenge since the movie dose not have that much elements. Its basically just Will Smith, the dog and the mutants.


Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 8.38.06 AM

The Outline:

I found that their is two endings to the movie one is where the hero dies and there is a cure and the second is where the mutants take the cure and the hero survives. I research to why this is, and found out that they wanted to create a sequel to the movie but never made it happen.

ACT 01: Introduction

Will Smith out in the streets hunting on dears and sends out radio looking for other survivors. Showing how lonely he is has set mannequins as way to still have a human interaction.


He set a trap for a mutant to experiment on, However the mutant mate create the same him and in the process his dog gets killed. He seeks revenge from the mutants on killing his dog therefore he tries to kill them. Another surviver finds him almost getting killed and rescues him.

ACT 03:

The women and child that are survivors enter will smith home for security however they found them selfs being haunted by the mutants. The mutants invade the home to get his female mutant that is in the lab. In that very moment did Will Smith realise he has made the cure to safe the kid and mother he gives her the cure and kills himself in the process.








Deconstructing spirited away…

Our main idea of deconstructing spirited away was losing identity. The path way walking into an unknown place like the scenes in the the movie, where Chihiro walks into the spirit world. we tried to make it abstract but still has a connection to the movie. How we made this space is by starting with a name that was not yours and as you walk in you will find the first activity of looking through a box that resents no face. taking the character NO-face from the movie, put ur face into his body. as you move on through the path you will find a mirrored room. this room is where you see a deformed shape of yourself around the walls where the mirrors are not clear but still see yourself in different shapes. trying to creating the illusion of losing your figure, losing who are. before the end of the path you are asked to leaving a finger print. this idea of leaving your identity in the fake world before you go back to the real world. once you leave you receive your identity back by looking for your name. this was inspires by the bath tokens in the movie.


Group project, i must say this was the hardest group project i have ever experienced. It was so much energy and if only that energy was put into the project itself… But like anything else theres always negative and positive outcomes to a situation. During the process we faced a lot of problems that we didn’t have in consideration, for example the walls of the path were out of long cardboard because they were so tall they were easily to bend and when we gave them support to stand they wouldn’t last long, so we searched  for another we to give it support it worked for a while but then it was easily to just hit it and it would fall or bend in half so i came up with the idea of putting a bag of sand with the back support so it would be more stable. My favourite part of the whole path way, is the mirrored room, not only does it look amazing! i really enjoyed the process if making it with my group. In this project i really got to know my group better i got closer to them then i ever was before.

In my point of view our biggest problem was actually doing there individual part of the project. Some of the members didn’t show up at meetings, when we needed them the most when we were facing problems and needed to think together as a group of a solution. We ended up doing other members work including our own which was a lot. Our group was falling apart near the end not everyone was on the same page everyone was trying to do there own thing. I got mad at most part of the project because of how the others were reacting.I was so disappointed but that i just got to the point that i didn’t care who shows up and just get the job done even it meant doing it all alone. But i had to ignore the drama that was happening in our group and just try to complete what had to be done. i learned a lot from this project, i learned that i have to speak up when things weren’t going as planned. I mostly ignored so that we wouldn’t end up fighting but if only i spoke up and confronted them then maybe we would have worked as a team and got the space done in time and complete. We wanted to have roof so that it would be dark and have lights to show that way around, but because not everyone of the group was there it was difficult to do it we needed everyone in order to create the roof.




For the mirror room i created a roof and floor with aluminium foil to create a better atmosphere effect and thought maybe have a spot light in the the centre of the ceiling. but then decided to have one from the bottom to show the show of the person when they enter the mirror room.



Im quite happy with how it turned out but i still feel its empty, if we all worked as a team then i feel would have a better outcome.


The identity, the idea of the hole thing is that when a person enters our paths he loses his identity, we would give then a japans name before they enter then go through the activities where they try to look for who they are.. at the end they would leave a finger print and then look for there name, as if there have returned there identity.


My part of the hole project was to create the finger print mask, the name tags in the end and help out with the building the path. As an overall of this project it was fun for the most part and disappointing in other parts, but Ive learned from this experience so that next time try to remind others that this is a team work project. Well at least we accomplished it as a group, we can really say we worked as a group in the end. At least we got all us to work on something in the end whether that was big or small. Another thing i learned while working the team is that they should promise an idea that you say your going to purse and not be there to do it. Even though there were so many great ideas that could have been installed but the creator of the idea wasn’t present to do it. It was a shame that we couldn’t create all the great ideas we had because there wasn’t enough group work, plus the time that we had to meet up together couldn’t even happen we waited half a day from the others to come help out at least but failed to meet all together.

Process video done by me…