Final Post- Hakayat

Adding sound to the video was tricky finding something that suits the video so my class mates recommended to use Bride Corpse which I’m now using for the video. I reshoot the brain scene from the feedback I got, to just focus on the brain and not have any background space showing so then it made it more visually appealing and understanding of whats going on exactly. I really enjoyed this project, the making and putting together. I would like to thank Hissa for being my model and by suffering through the horrible smell of the brain.


Flavouring the BRAIN !

To make my life easier I first planned my shots and angles so that when i start filming i know what I’m doing and not waste time However it still took 4 hours to finish filming because while i was filming i came up with different ideas.


So here I’ve set up to cameras I thought it would be helpful to have one camera in one angle filming the hole thing then the one on the tripod i would keep changing angles in different scenes of the video. I found it more interesting when editing to have more then one angle it made it more interesting to edit even then just have one angle through the hole thing. for sound i was thinking using the squishy sound of the brain.


I realised that just having the main elements that will be used in each shot much better then laying everything out in the shot so that the focus is only on the brain and the brain only!



I enjoyed this project a lot but it was only frustrating when there wasn’t enough time to film but  this taught me to plan ahead better for the next time i film anything!


Coming up with ideas! 

I believe the hardest part is the beginning of any project, coming up with a great idea and sticking with it, well for me its frustrating. For the video I thought of several things I’m really interested un filming and creating short videos, so what better idea then continuing my series of brain obsession ! My class mates have been making motivation and inspiration pills posters around GDES department and it inspired me to use the idea of flavouring the brain with these NEEDED elements of Motivation, Inspiration, Creativity and Patience.


Casey Neistat is one of my favourite artist, he is known for making short films and i love his work. I tried to use he’s techniques in my video.He has a great eye for taking different angles of one scene.


Ahmed Sharif, is Bahraini comedian who creates short funny scenes on Instagram. He’s different angles and focus on details are really interesting and the way used the sound of the mundane objects to create interesting sound is amazing.




For this experiment I printed close up of the brain then put it back in the printer and printed on top of it the repeated type of BRAINS then printed on tracing paper and glued it on top and realised the reacted type wasn’t as clear as i wanted it to be so i soaked it with water then gave this really nice effect that i am now using for my cover.

I tried to focus on the idea of layers so i came up with this idea of using tracing paper to represent a hospital file to introduce my main feature. I found it more interesting when a page had a little of everything collage, type and a hand drawing and the bandage and nice detail to the page and when it was scared and printed it looked even better which go me excited on the final outcome.


If the zine was only made on indesign I don’t think it would have turned out this good. Just the process of making by hand was fun for me because I enjoy working in that way the feeling of having control over it, I felt i got a chance to express a personal part of me and enjoyed every part of it.





I got feed back from Noor B, Nimra and Hind

Noor B.

  • Suggested that the cover should be a close up of the brain to be more appealing.
  • For all images to cut the outline of the brains without the content.
  • change type wasn’t working
  • Add medical elements like bandage
  • for the background of the text have a wash of blood but not full opacity
  • have one spread full of  brains in all sizes


  • Medical mask and medical related elements
  • More large images of brain texture as background
  • no white text box
  • print text on transparent paper
  • artist Damien Hirst
  • Scan bandage on brain


  • Pixaltd images suggested to try scan them
  • suggested my portrait be me holding a brain
  • typography to be similar to the text i scared of the book
  • Its fun not too serious enough variety
  • legibility readable
  • small images then large
  • credits needed


I found there feedback useful and gave me a lot of new ideas on what to do next for my zine.



It was frustrating at first because I wasn’t sure what i was doing and how its supposed be i wasn’t sure if it was right or wrong, but once i started cutting and sticking it made more sense and gave me ideas on how to approach my brains. I had the idea of spreads to be in a gradient of the brains colours palette so starts with a light pink then in the centre its more bloody plus it where I’ve placed my main article. The idea of the pages fading in and out. My main issue was type i was using too many and they weren’t visually appealing so i was suggested to break it upon the pages.

The other issue was how do i show myself, i had a couple of ideas but were time consuming, first one since I’m really interested in 3D modelling i was going to 3D model myself with my brain sticking out. Another idea was drawing one side of my face and the other side would be the anatomy of my face with my brain showing. But then i was suggested to just have me playing the video game that got me into brains in the first place.





This video helped me understand that a fanzine dose not have to be neat and set up properly as long as it expresses the topic of interest clearly.

A simplified idea of using one a3 to make a 8 page fanzine.


I found this blog quite useful to understand what fanzine is exactly and why fanzines are made.


My 3 ideas;

  1. Collecting peoples Weird Obsessions, I wanted to express my own and other peoples weird obsessions. Recently I’ve been obsessed over brains, I’ve been collecting art work and images and started sketchbook full of brains sketches.
  2. Expressing my cats uniqueness. Once I brought in my cat to the studio, and everyone was saying that my cat was not normal, that he has a personality then I realised how he truly does.
  3. Photographing peoples everyday object.

My final decision is the first one. Im interested in expressing my own obsession and others. My next step is to start researching my surroundings weird obsessions!